Nevada Fire Valley Park Day Tour and Camping

Nevada's oldest state park is located one hour north of Las Vegas, I-15. If you want to stay away from the glitz and hustle and bustle of the city, Valley of Fire is such a quiet place, you can actually hear the flies sizzle!

The Valley of Fire Valley National Park is bordered by the Lake Mead Recreation Area. The name of the park comes from the red sandstone formation, which is the result of the backward movement of the sand dunes of the dinosaur era.

The road through the park just passes through the sandstone formations, so you can drive around the park and admire the sights. Or, if you want to stay in one of the many attractions, there are plenty of parking spaces and plenty of places to stretch your legs. I can't do anything about it. I have to twist my toes in the red sand. The texture is like icing, the color is the brightest rust red.

Allow rock climbing in designated areas. Sandstone formations are amazing for rock climbing. The texture of the surface is like fine sandpaper, which provides excellent traction. We visited the park with our little Jack Russell Terrier. She wanders around the terrain like a goat.

Access to the park costs $6.00 per vehicle. At a fraction of the cost, you can use the entire park and its thoughtful facilities. The road through the park is paved and well maintained and it is a pleasure to drive. There are several picnic areas with covered picnic tables that allow you to rest in the sun. There is also a communal washroom. A large number of parking spaces are available at the point of interest.

There are beautiful camping facilities in the park. These camps are actually one of the rock formations that form the most unique experience. These places offer shaded tables, grills, water and washrooms. Some areas can accommodate small units such as truck modifications, trucks and camper units. For adventurous tents and backpackers, you can leave the camping area on the sidewalk and then find the ideal campsite in the wild. These smaller sites are $14 per night. The park recently added a large diamond airport at a price of $24 per night. The large diamond airport is very spacious with lots of access areas and complete hooks. The prospect of the camp is spectacular.

The quiet and silence of the park quickly eliminated the thinking framework of the city. We found ourselves enjoying the peace of the day. The park is home to many tourists, but we have never found ourselves in crowded traffic or crowds.

Even if you are in the desert, you may be reminded that Las Vegas has never been far away. We stopped by a distant sight and were happy to see a black limousine between the cactus, the red sand and the flies. Two tourists popped up from the limousine, and each tourist drank a glass of champagne. Only in Las Vegas!