Online Hotel Distribution – TRS

TRS | Online hotel distribution offers you the most efficient and cheapest way to increase your visibility and booking! Explore the potential of a global distribution system that generates 100 million rooms/night per year. Benefit from growing online customers by connecting your hotel to OTA and Internet distribution systems, including today's leading online travel agencies and portals.

global distribution System [GDS] with Internet Distribution System [IDS] Connectivity

TRS takes you to 4 major areas from

GDS from

 Around the world – Sabre, Galileo, Worldspan and Amadeus. With Amadeus' 67,000, Galileo, 43, Sabre 50, 000 and Worldspan 16,000 travel agencies, your hotel will start immediately from all over the world.

TRS sells your room on 650.000 travel agencies and over 100 online travel portals. As hotel information becomes more visible and more visible, you can start selling more rooms without doing anything extra!

  • Distributed to numerous online travel portals including,,,, etc. Please click here for a full list.
  • Double the revenue through company and consortium agreements.

Continuous 2-way connection

TRS offers you the next generation of seamless 2-way connectivity from

GDS from

 with from

Intrusion detection system from


  1. Our central reservation system and from

    GDS from

     Provide 7/24 update information for your hotel.

  2. The latest information can enhance the credibility of your hotel in a travel agency.
  3. Easily manage real-time inventory and rates with a single dashboard and instantly update information.

Discounted rate

TRS is an inexpensive way to distribute and market rooms.

  1. No admission fee! No installation fee required! No annual service fee!
  2. Commission-based pricing
  3. Use the "preferred location" [latest and guaranteed marketing tools] to list your hotel at the top of your room search!