Why visit Northwest London?

If you are planning to visit Northwest London, some attractions must be added to your itinerary. From beautiful and palatial monasteries to tranquil gardens, villages and museums, these places still have time in the historic art collection and genius collection.

In the heart of the city is the Abbey of North West London. This 15th-century building features Gothic architecture with arched ceilings and windows made of stained glass. This extraordinary building is located above the Kingston building.

The Beckford Tower, built by architect William Beckford, is another very interesting place. The building was built in 1827 and serves as a banquet for the architect himself. He also hopes that the tower will become his library and serve as a house for people to rest, where he can spend time studying his rare works of art and books. This place is perfect for taking pictures, you can actually climb the winding stairs and enjoy the skyline of the entire city.

Another good place to visit in the North West London area is the Bowood Gardens in Calne. This beautiful landscape was built by Capability Brown in the 18th century and covers nearly 2,000 acres. There are certain unique features such as the sloping lake, the hermit's cave, the Doric temple and the small waterfall. This land is the perfect place for you and your family to pack food and enjoy a picnic.

It is the perfect small village of Castle Combe when it departs from the M4 and ends at the south of the Cotswold. This is the hometown of the blanket brothers, who have been given a new word in the legend, and they have found a way to keep warm in the cold winter.

Once you have set your itinerary, you must consider where you want to stay. London, North West London offers a wide range of accommodation for all visitors, from luxury to small budgets to find the right place for you. There are luxury hotels, such as the London Landmark Hotel and Dorset Plaza Hotel, for those who want a budget hotel, you can choose, then the modest Golders Green, Hendon Park and Millennium.

During your stay in the area, you can do a variety of activities, such as watching a movie with your family, watching "Hampstead" for everyone in one of the oldest cinemas, or try an art cinema theatre in a tricycle.

You can visit the ballroom, watch a night to watch a professional dance blue-leaf dance, or visit the art gallery in every corner. Take your child to the London Zoo or visit the Kentish Town City Farm.

You can also enjoy a nightclub at Camden Palace or the electric dance hall.