London travel

London is a very convenient place for tourists, and it is ideal for traveling around London with all kinds of transportation. The most common mode of transportation is


The London Underground [] runs throughout the day [from early morning to late night]. Other forms include buses, taxis, etc. The entire city is divided into six areas, and areas 1 and 2 are called "London City Center".

London has countless theatres, sports venues and music venues, so you won't lack entertainment. If you are looking for world-class art, exhibitions, music, etc. then this is a place. More unbiased information can be found on Visit London.

Accommodation in London has a wide range of options, ranging from low-cost [from £30] to superior deluxe rooms [over £1,000]. The best hotel I have ever stayed at is The Ritz, and the best [in terms of location, service and price] is RegentPalace. More information about hotel selection, price comparison, facility information,


The room can be booked online at the London Hotel [].

Finding places to eat in London is a daunting task, not because of the scarcity of restaurants, but because of the variety and variety. China, India and Italy are London's most popular cuisine. London Eating offers the easiest way to identify the closest restaurant to your choice. But London is an expensive place in an expensive country. Therefore, pay attention to the wallet when going out to eat. General guidelines: £5 per person: sandwich shop, £10-20 per person: bar, £15-30 per person: cheaper to intermediate restaurant, £50-100 per person: very good restaurant, £100 and above: Appetizer or Ritz Hotel.

For those who like drama, London offers unparalleled musicals, drama and comedy opportunities. The main theatre is located in central London and all information/bookings can be made in the Leicester Square area. Online information and reservations for theatre tickets can be made here.