The history of Mengm Lake

The history of Mengm Lake began 200,000 years ago until humans lived in the area. There are many volcanic eruptions in the Mengm Lake area. The last eruption occurred 5,000 years ago.

The fierce mm lake was not originally white. The first is the Native American tribes – Paiute, Shoshone and Washoe tribes. In the late nineteenth century, whites began to live in the rushing lake of California's gold rush. Many cars, hotels and houses were built at that time. When people find that the lake is not really full of gold, the growth of the city will slow down.

The tourist history of Mengm Lake began in 1890, and the first batch of tourists began to visit Mengm Lake. They came to the original natural environment to hunt, relax, take pictures, swim, and fish. The ski section makes the Mammoth Lake more important. The village of Lao Meng mm was born at that time.

Many people came to Mengma Lake from Los Angeles, and the trip took about 2 days from Los Angeles. Established stores, hotels, bakeries and post offices representing the mammoth lake. There are also many camps that are open to the public. These people built cottages in the lake basin area.


In the winter, only a handful of people stay to protect the property and transport the mail and supplies to them with sleds.

Mengmm Lake is named after the mining era, Mengmm Mining Company.

Mammoth Lakes became a township in 1984. The population is about 10,000, but it has tripled over the weekend. Mengm Lake is now one of the most popular summer resorts in California.

Mengmm Lake covers an area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout 2,500 acres. It has successful schools, colleges, hospitals, different art centers and an airport.

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