Single travel – 10 ways to save money with a single supplement

When you go to school, you may find that economics is indeed a "boring science." However, I did understand a key fact. The relationship between supply and demand drives price increases. For single-person travel, the surcharge or "single surcharge" does in part coincide with this tried and true rule. good news? If you're on the Internet, you can find ways to save one-way travel when demand falls. bad news? The number of reduced or no single supplements is limited and is growing rapidly.

There are 10 ways to save.

1. Do not ask for a room. Ask for "one person's room." In Europe, accommodation is usually sold at a single price. Please make sure to check if this is a single room for a standard room or a small single room. View the size of a single room. Consider the time you will spend in the room, I often travel 10-12 hours abroad, almost no time in my hotel room, except to sleep for a while before going on a trip again.

2. Get there first. Even book a year in advance, because there are very few vacancies to reduce solo. If you do it by season, this is really important. Summer resorts and hotspots may be reserved for repeat customers when checking out in the second year.

3. When other people go home, go to the airport. Off-season travel is the best way to get a 50% discount immediately. In southern France, house prices fell as fast as September 9. Like the legendary Sun Valley Inn, ski resorts have special prices before Christmas. In winter and spring, European discounts can also be half price.

4. Excited by the rainy weather or extreme heat and cold. You will have to consider how far you want to go. On January 1st, I had an exciting short-term work trip in Siberia. During the monsoon, I also toured India. In some cases, negative statements may not affect your travel. A good example? The risk of a hurricane every fall is unlikely to touch the ABC Islands [Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao] to raise prices. For example, in Africa, if you can escape, the safari activity rate will be lower during the rainy season or the “green” season, and don't mind the possibility of a short rainstorm.

5. Find a new travel provider. Hotels that have just opened or reopened after renovation have special offers to increase or regain market share. For example, when Hotel Castille in Paris reopened, it received a short-term discount, and this stylish boutique is just a short walk away. Since then, rates have been consistent with other high-end small hotels.

6. Against the trend. Don't pay a premium for current trends. Internet in underrated areas. If it is all the rage, the price will soar. In the 1980s, I inexplicably found a Montenegro resort near the Albanian border. Since then, Sveti Stefan, who I live in, has been updated, which is reflected in its 5-star price. The moral of the story is that people arrive there before they find their destination.

7. If you can't pronounce or spell, you will fall in love with the price! Replace the road with less driving. If you have dreams of dreaming of the Parthenon, then you must go to Greece. [Unless you live in North America and want to see the perfect replica in Nashville, Tennessee!!] Regional air carriers are a great way to find most undiscovered places at a low price. An example: I dreamed of Tahiti in the early days of graduate school. When the cost is high, Air New Zealand recommends alternatives: Rarotonga and Aitutaki. I accepted their interview and spent many years in the story.

8. Search the Internet for national and regional programs offered by the Tourism Bureau. Please check first as they may only be available abroad. One of the best deals I discovered in the 1990s was with the "Lan Chile" at the time. I have purchased three tickets for sale from the United States for a total price of $200, which can be used anywhere in the country. At this price, I arrived at the end of the world in Chile, Antarctica!

9. Use flexible dates to get weekday deals. The prices of hotels and airlines often rise and fall together. Why is that? This brings us back to the relationship between supply and demand. When airplanes and hotels have lower passenger load rates, prices will be cheaper.

10. Share to save. Find travel without a single supplement by agreeing to share. The benefits of this approach? This is a saving if your travel dates are not flexible and you can't use a supplemental protocol as low as a single.

In any case, check out the options below before giving up on one-way trips to fit your budget.