Travel Status and Allowances-Getting Started Guide

Travel used to be so simple. The type of travel experience you can expect is basically the same as the price you pay. Want to use beautiful leather seats and a glass of champagne on the go? Pay for a first class ticket. Want a corner hotel room with breakfast? Pay for top hotels. And car rental? Well, you never thought there were many options there.

But today, tourism has become very competitive. The company will continue to work hard to maintain the best customers. Loyalty programs have sprung up to identify and track regulars. Customers are classified into different status levels based on the number of flights booked, hotel stays or car rentals. The higher the status you earn, the better the benefits and facilities offered during your trip.

As a customer, it is necessary to check and utilize these procedures. After all, this can make a difference between a narrow flight between screaming kids or a nap in first class accommodation! The main facilities provided are as follows:

Mileage / point rewards

Passengers accumulate miles, points or hotel stays and redeem them in the form of free travel or other offers. As you reach various status levels, the company will allow you to add miles or accumulate points. A typical plan includes a 10-20% point reward at the lowest level and a 100% point reward at the highest status level. These bonus points do add up and can be very valuable when redeeming.

Lounge access or discount [airport or hotel]

Hotels with seating areas usually provide free access for identified customers. This is a nice benefit as it usually includes a free continental breakfast and free drinks for an hour or two in the evening. Airport lounges are usually offered at discounted prices to identified customers. This is a great benefit for frequent travelers who want to get rid of the riots in the airport terminal.

auto update

Car rental companies usually upgrade to the next car category for free to their best customers. For example, this could mean upgrading from a small car to a mid-size car.

Upgrade of supporting flights

Airlines typically offer upgrades from business class to business or first class to upgrade to their best customers. A better experience is free upgrades for companions on the same flight. It's always good to be with a frequent flyer's spouse or colleague.

Airline seat upgrade

Airplane seat upgrades are one of the most coveted and tightly controlled privileges in the sky. Leaflets with specific statuses can be transferred from the coach cabin to the business or first class area. Usually, this is a priority. The highest priority ones. Upgrades are usually not made until a few days before the flight to allow customers who wish to purchase a first class ticket.

Expedited Car Rental

Car rental companies are notorious for long lines and slow customer service. Most companies will provide some sort of fast service to identified customers. This usually includes bypassing the rental desk, which is a huge benefit for hurrying travelers.

Free breakfast

Many hotels offer free breakfast to the best customers.

Guaranteed availability

Companies typically provide some type of priority booking priority to identified customers. Of the highest tier hotels, some offer guaranteed availability, which is controversial because it could mean cancelling existing reservations. However, this convenience is a godsend for last-minute travelers who often face usability issues.

Late check-out

Late check-out is a typical convenience offered to hotel guests.

No blackout date

Experienced reward program users know that one of the biggest "traps" is the outage date. These dates are relatively large [such as holidays and weekends] and the company does not allow redemption of miles or points. Of course, they happen to coincide with the date you most want to redeem your points! Exempt dates at certain status levels.

Preferred seat

Preferred seats allow you to choose airline seats early, with the ability to choose exit rows and other preferred seats. This is a typical convenience even at lower status levels.

Priority boarding

Airline priority boarding at almost all status levels is an important privilege. It enables flyers to be boarded first and access vacant luggage space.

Priority baggage handling

Priority baggage handling means that passengers' luggage will be loaded last. This allows the baggage to take off from the plane first, which allows it to get rid of baggage faster.

Priority check-in

The airline provides special check-in for identity flyers. In the era of online flight check-in and self-check-in, this has become less important.

Priority safety line

One of the most coveted privileges. In the age of long-term use of aviation safety lines, the ability to use fast lines and first-class passengers and crew can save a lot of time.

Priority standby

This is an important privilege for those who change their flight at the last minute, giving priority to putting stateful flyers at the front of the queue to provide standby flight availability.

Room upgrade

Hotels usually offer room upgrades to customers who have a status. This could mean larger rooms and higher floors.


Many companies often provide the highest level of help desk. This is a special phone number that provides fast service for advanced customers.

How do I get a special status of travel and its related benefits? The standard method is to simply use enough specific travel providers and accumulate the required points. However, some shortcuts are possible. Many airlines and hotels will reach the same status as competitors. This practice is common but not widely publicized in the tourism industry.