Three different types of travelers

This may seem like a strange travel tip, but knowing what kind of tourist or traveler you are will help set your expectations and may improve your travel adventure. Read the list of three travellers below to see if a matching item is found.

Leisure travelers: Usually want to relax, unwind, and not interested in local flavors or local customs and culture. It might just be sitting on the beach, relaxing, reading a book, playing golf or just resting. He does not oppose foreign countries, but is deeply interested in integrating into the new culture. You may just want to recharge the office next year.

Experience traveler: This traveler looks for meaning in other cultures. This curious and curious person seeks to gain the most experience [learning] from the destination under the appearance of a strange new world. This traveler who is willing to take risks to gain experience will have a deep desire to integrate into another culture and find a deeper meaning in it. There are no foreign bars and restaurants of this type!

Experimental traveler: Not only willing to try new things, but also almost actively looking for them. They may look for meaning outside their existing lives and are willing to try [and possibly fail] to travel to a new destination instead of not traveling at all. A subset of experimental travelers are presence travelers. Those who do find meaning in the new culture now even want to be long-term involved. May return home to find a favorite city or country, favorite beach or mountain trip, and actively save another trip to the same place or even a new destination as an experiment. They have moved away from the norm and moved inward to the ideal place.

In the world of travel, there is room for tourists in all expressions, but the cause of "bad vacations" is usually because they don't know who they are. This casual tourist may not want to go on a guided tour, walk or hike up the mountain, and would not be happy if forced by a travel partner. In turn, their partner may not want to sit on the beach all day. When traveling in pairs or groups, you may have to arrange accommodation for others so that they can find the degree they want. Although those who travel abroad and do not want to actively participate in the new culture may change themselves, this will not cause the entire trip to fail.

Knowing which traveler you are, it should be easier to choose your destination before you enjoy your trip, because you set your trips to success rather than failure.