Top Things to Do in Puglia

A holiday in any of the excellent hotels in Puglia will take you into Italy and into a region full of history and tradition. There are many activities to take you off the beautiful beaches to taste the culture of this great area. Whether you are interested in history or exploring beautiful scenery, you will find a lot of interesting things.

Historic sites

A visit to Otranto in the Adriatic Sea will give you the opportunity to see the 800-year-old mosaic of the tree of life in Norman Cathedral. It completely fills the floor of the choir and nave, and looks like a family tree. You can spend hours viewing a marvelous mix of bizarre images scattered across various branches, including biblical figures like Noah and historical and legendary figures like Alexander the Great and King Arthur. They join with all kinds of unicorns, nordic gods and dragons, and it is definitely worth a visit.

In Lecce, the nobles of the 17th century decided to compete with the magnificent buildings built in the north and commissioned their own construction. The resulting Baroque architecture marked the town as "Florence of the South". The town centre is dotted with six beautiful churches that stand side by side with the Roman amphitheater, Arc de Triomphe, beautiful squares and courtyards. The most beautiful of the Baroque churches is the 16th-century Church of the Holy Cross, with mermaids, wolves, and carved angels.

If your lucky number is 8, then you should definitely visit the 13th century Castel del Monte, as this building is a tribute to the number 8! It has octagons everywhere and was built by Roman Emperor Frederick II. It is a unique military building and is one of two World Heritage Sites in the area.

For those interested in the archeological history of the area, it is recommended to visit the Egnazia Museum. It is located within the ancient city walls of Gnathia, with eleven gazebos and many archeological treasures.

Outdoor attractions

For tranquil beaches with hidden secrets, you can visit the areas near Casalabate and San Cataldo. You can find the beach by walking down an unpaved path past Torre Rinalda, where you will find an unspoiled paradise, which is usually quiet. For diving enthusiasts, a secret can be found 50 meters from the beach, where there is a wrecked ship that was sunk by the British Navy in 1941.

Gravina and Alta Mujia National Park are another good option when staying at hotels in the region of Puglia. The ancient medieval town sits between a canyon that defines the landscape, and the nearby Alta Mujia National Park and its protected plateau are great places to stroll.

Salento also has another beautiful nature park. The Porto Selvacho Nature Reserve is a sanctuary of wild pine forests leading to picturesque creeks surrounded by white rocks. There are several hiking trails, such as the Uluzzo Tower and the Grotta del Cavallo, which are fascinating.

Whether you like to stay in a hotel in Puglia, explore the history of the area, or explore the scenery, you can find a lot of accommodation in this beautiful place in Italy.