The three best holidays in vacation rentals

With the passage of time, the tourism industry has changed, and with it came various ebbs and flows. Although some trends tend to disappear and quickly disappear, the trend that will surely impress is vacation rentals. If you take a step back and see how society has changed, it makes sense that being able to […]

Samui Villas for Rent – Best Choice for Hotels

As more and more people look for attractive and affordable holiday packages in Koh Samui, renting a luxury villa seems to be a good choice. The days when you booked your vacation through a travel agency have gradually disappeared. With the Internet, you can study your travel destination more accurately. One of your main concerns […]

Modern hotel and theatre visit

The hotel used to be purely necessary, and the hotel provided a night room for the overnight traveller. Today, overnight hikers still need to use beds frequently, but the difference between past hotels and today's hotels is enormous. The same is true of theatres, which have been used for centuries to free people's minds from […]

The history of Mengm Lake

The history of Mengm Lake began 200,000 years ago until humans lived in the area. There are many volcanic eruptions in the Mengm Lake area. The last eruption occurred 5,000 years ago. The fierce mm lake was not originally white. The first is the Native American tribes – Paiute, Shoshone and Washoe tribes. In the […]

Abigail: There are no ghosts here!

Many of Victoria's older restaurants and accommodations, and even the Royal Victoria Golf Course, have ghost stories. Guests at Abigail often ask for ghost stories, and the inclusive staff are happy to tell them one. Unfortunately, the ghost has not yet appeared. Located on the edge of downtown Victoria, just a stone's throw from the […]